November 28, 2023

Los fingerless leather gloves of the German Karl Lagerfeld They will be exhibited in Cologne, before being auctioned along with other iconic objects that belonged to the designer, the auction house reported a few hours ago. Sotheby’s.

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Lagerfeld objects up for auction

A teddy bear, a portrait of Lagerfeld with his cat, Choupette, sunglasses, jackets, shoes and furniture are some of the objects from the heritage of the German fashion czar that will also be auctioned.

Lagerfeld's gloves.  (Photo: Christof STACHE / AFP)
Lagerfeld’s gloves. (Photo: Christof STACHE / AFP)

“The sale in the city of Cologne represents the image of Lagerfeld, multiple and surprising, tells the story of the designer, the collector, the decorator and the photographer,” Sotheby’s said on its website.

The objects will be on view from Thursday at Sotheby’s auction house in Cologne. Interested parties can register to bid online, with prices ranging from 50 euros ($53) and the 80,000 euros.

Specifically, they will offer 233 lots in two live auctions, divided into a night auction on May 4 and a daytime auction on May 5. Another 250 lots will be auctioned online from April 29 to May 6. The pre-sale estimate for the set of 488 lots is about 700.000 euros.

Lagerfeld slippers with his initials.  (Photo: Christof STACHE / AFP)
Lagerfeld slippers with his initials. (Photo: Christof STACHE / AFP)

Previously last year Two tranches of Lagerfeld’s estate were auctioned in the cities of Monaco and Paris. Altogether, their sale added €18.2 millionfour times more than initially estimated.

new to auction

Most of the objects in this third auction come from the Lagerfeld’s last residence, an 18th-century villa in Louveciennesnear Versailles (France).

Many of the pieces to be auctioned belong to the early 20th century german artincluding an important collection of German advertising posters and furniture by architect and designer Bruno Paul.

The exhibition with Lagerfeld’s objects to be auctioned at the Oppenheim Palace in Cologne It will be open until May 4. The subsequent live auction will be the first to be held at Sotheby’s new headquarters in Cologne.

Karl Lagerfeld's fingerless gloves to be auctioned by Sotheby's

Karl Lagerfeld, a fashion icon

The legendary German couturier was one of the most prominent names in fashion history. In addition to having his brand, he designed the brand collections for more than 30 years Chanel and Fendi. Close friend of the royal family of Monaco, he had eight houses around the world and moved around the world like a true Hollywood star. He died on February 19, 2019.

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