November 28, 2023

Super Heroes and Villains

Lynda Carter “Wonder Woman” Metal Cuffs (Lot #89152) – Pair of original painted “bullet deflecting” metal cuffs embellished with red star sequins and lined with gray felt brandished by Lynda Carter during Season 1 as “Wonder Woman.” These Season 1 cuffs were acquired from the Warner Bros. archives and are noticeably different than the hammered gold look of Season two onward.

Comisar Collection auction - Wonder Woman bracelets

Batman and Robin Costume Ensembles (Lot #89158) – Among the most identifiable TV superheroes are Batman, “The Caped Crusader” and Robin, “The Boy Wonder” played by Adam West and Burt Ward in “Batman.”

Batman and Robin

The original pieces of the Batman costume worn by Adam West (many of which are marked “A” for Adam West) include a burgundy-toned satin cowl with painted black pointed ears, a full-length royal-blue satin walking cape with a bat wing shape, a gray long-sleeve leotard with an applied black Bat emblem on an oval canary-yellow field on the chest, matching gray leggings, burgundy-toned satin shorts, a wide yellow utility belt with brass bat-shaped buckle, four attached yellow pockets, and one yellow dowel, and burgundy satin long gauntlet gloves.

Comisar Collection auction - Batman and Robin costumes

The original items in the Robin costume worn by actor Burt Ward are the yellow satin fingertip-length cape, a cherry-red velvet vest with yellow shoelace closures, and a yellow felt “R” emblem on a black circular field at the proper left chest, a green cotton tee-shirt, nude leggings, green knitted shorts, green suede winged boots.

Bat Shield fromBatman” (Lot #89156) – The folding, transparent acrylic Bat Shield featured a distinctive bat shape and was used by Batman and Robin to defend themselves in the Season 1 episode “The Joker Goes to School’ and “The Joker Trumps an Ace,’ and the Season 2 episode ‘The Penguin’s Nest.”  This is believed to have been the only Bat Shield made, making it one of the most desirable Bat-props from the 60s series.

Frank Gorshin’s “The Riddler” Signature Iconic “?” Green Suit Jacket and Vest (Lot #89160) –The iconic lime green “?” double-breasted suit jacket and vest worn by Frank Gorshin when viewers first met the supervillain in the pilot episode of “Batman.” Both pieces were custom-made for Frank Gorshin by Ernie Tarzia, and a label on the interior pocket features Gorshin’s name handwritten in faded ink. In addition, the stenciled question marks on the jacket have slight variations, which indicates they were individually applied by hand.


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