November 28, 2023
Every food you might find on a Victorian table had its own silver-plated dish. This English silver-plated jar was used for cookies or "bisquits."

This silver on copper “bisquit jar” is a classic Victorian piece. It uses an old spelling for “biscuit,” a British-English term. In present day American English, we would call it a cookie jar. 

Silver and silver plate were popular in the Victorian era. Almost every type of food had its own specific serving dish or utensil made of silver. 

“Old Sheffield” refers to a special kind of silver plate made in Sheffield, England, in the 18th century. The silver was hand-rolled in sheets over copper. Most silver plate made in the 19th century is electroplated. 

This jar may not be Old Sheffield silver, but it was made in the city of Sheffield. It sold for $270 at a Selkirk auction. Its pelican hallmark identifies it as the work of Thomas Wilkinson’s firm, which received a Royal Warrant from Queen Victoria in the 1840s.


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