November 27, 2023

Throughout the month of December, CBC stations across the country invite you to help Make the Season Kind as we celebrate the kindness of others with special programming and coming together in support of local charities. 

In Calgary, for 37 years, residents have been donating to the Calgary Food Bank through CBC/Radio-Canada’s annual Food Bank Drive, raising more than $22 million. This year, from Dec. 2 to 15, join us for special broadcasts, events, auctions and online sales while helping us reach our goal of $1 million to the Calgary Food Bank. Or attend one of our coffee and mug sales to make a donation and receive this year’s limited edition One Knight Only mug and coffee beans from Fratello Coffee Roasters.

new report says food banks in Canada have seen a major surge in visits throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the high cost of living and ongoing economic disruption is bound to create countless new clients in the months ahead.

Many of us have been impacted financially by the pandemic, limiting us in ways we might traditionally contribute. But there are many opportunities to spread generosity and kindness aside from making monetary donations. You can also put a smile on your face — and the faces of others — by spreading acts of kindness in your community.

Share your story with us of how you showed or received an act of kindness this year and be entered to win a local prize pack. Your act of kindness may even be featured on CBC Calgary. No act of kindness is too big or too small.

Maybe you or someone you know picked up groceries for an elderly neighbour? Someone shoveled your walkway? Got a call from a long lost friend that made your day? 

Here are some of the wonderful stories we’ve received so far, with thanks to all who wrote or called in to CBC Calgary — and even more, to all of those who are carrying out these random acts of kindness in the community. We’ll share more of these heart-warming acts that have been shared with us in the days ahead, on the Calgary EyeopenerThe HomestretchNews at 6  and the CBC Calgary’s website and Instagram.

From Leanne Riep:

A few months ago when our baby was still a newborn my husband went out to Costco to pick up some groceries, including a giant box of diapers and wipes. He got all the things, lined up at the till but once he got to the register and was ready to pay, he realized he only had a credit card which is not accepted at Costco. He was about to leave without any of the groceries or the diapers, but then a very kind and generous stranger who was waiting at another till paid our bill. My husband offered to pay him back, but the kind gentleman denied the offer. Our family is very grateful for the stranger’s kindness.

Sybille Mikaelsen:

When I was sick earlier in the year with COVID and couldn’t leave my house a friend dropped off homemade soup which was so nice. Since then whenever a close friend or family member has been sick, I’ve made little care packages for them, sometimes soup or baskets with teas, snacks or baked goods just to brighten their day a little.

Tricia Stadnyk

We started this tradition during COVID to reflect on generosity toward others. My kids, who are 11 and seven, have a Christmas advent calendar that is 24 days of kindness. Each day they get a little slip of paper with an act of kindness for that day — everything from “shovel for your neighbours” or “buy a stranger a coffee.” If they complete their tasks, they get a small gummy treat as a reward. This way we focus on what we can do to make our community life better.

Tricia Stadnyk’s daughters. who are 11 and seven, teamed up to make dinner for their parents as part of their mom and dad dinner last Sunday night as part of their 24 days of kindness advent calendar tasks. (Submitted by Tricia Stadnyk)

From Iris Trigg:

I have been helping Afghan and Ukrainians needing furniture and other household items and referring them to an agency that I know can make their transition easier. I’m grateful for being a Canadian.

From Kristy Moore:

This nomination is not for me but for my Dad. He continually shows kindness to his elderly neighbours. Recently the neighbour needed a ride to the emergency department which resulted in the neighbour being admitted. My Dad has gone and visited this man every day at the hospital to ensure he doesn’t get lonely and to lift his spirits. He also is shoveling the walk and checking in on his wife who is at home worrying. I have many other stories of how my Dad has demonstrated kindness to this couple over and over again.

Kristy Moore entered a submission for her Dad. He is pictured here alongside Moore’s mother (Submitted by Kristy Moore)

From Alexandra Chin:

I am a new mother and my favourite maternity consignment store, Knocked Consignment, took part in a food hamper drive for Made by Mamma. There’s an extensive list of non-perishable food items that you can donate to ensure single mothers are taken care of for food this holiday season. I knew when I heard about this drive that I needed to take part in it. Motherhood is a very special and sacred thing to me now. It makes me emotional even thinking that there are single mothers out there who are struggling to make ends meet, or who are struggling daily with all that comes with being a mother, both mentally and physically. I wanted to get every single item on that shopping list to ensure a mother out there was completely taken care of this Christmas. The least I could do was to give some time to shop and spend some money for groceries. I hope I get to be involved in something like this again in the years to come. It still tugs on my heart strings just thinking about it.

Julie Van Rosendaal’s You Are Human and You Need Cake cookbook is one of the prizes included in this season’s prize packs (CBC)

From Christina Hatton-Fearnley:

The story is about my son Oliver. He is 10 years old and decided to join Cub Scouts this year. He has never been a part of this type of a group before and was nervous to start this September. This past weekend, the first Bow Valley Scouts were at a Christmas market in Langdon, Alta., serving hot cocoa to everyone who came through the doors and collected money for some baked goods they were selling. I was at the market and watched my son deliver hot cocoa to every vendor there. Seeing how happy they were to receive the kind gesture made my heart swell with pride. I asked him about it later and he said, “I liked being a good part of someone’s day.”

From Leslie Nicholls:

I live in a +55 condo complex. I keep spare keys for five neighbours in case they or a relative need in. I take in the mail and walk the basement perimeter for another neighbour every three days while they enjoy Arizona. I shovel, water plants and house check for my brother who lives half a block away while they vacation throughout the winter. I also serve on our condo board so that I feel connected to community.

Again — you can share your story with us of how you showed or received an act of kindness this year through our online form here. You can also share your act of kindness by calling and leaving a message for the Calgary Eyeopener at 403-521-6209 or The Homestretch 403-521-6244.

You’ll be entered in a chance to win prize packs that include: 

Deadline to enter to win is Thursday, December 15 at noon MT.

One of the Make the Season Kind local prize packs entrants will have a chance to win. (CBC)


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