December 1, 2023
This bell-shaped blue lamp was made by Fenton Art Glass Company for Bell Telephone. It was probably used in a hotel lobby.

Advertising and store collectibles have historical significance and brand recognition as well as artistic value. A combination of all three brought this lamp a price of $2,700 at Morford’s Antique Advertising Auctions.

The lamp was made by Fenton, a well-known art glass company. Its bell-shaped blue shade for Bell Telephone Co. is eye-catching. The inscription “Local and Long Distance Telephone” marks it as a relic of the past.

There is little need for public telephones today when most people carry a phone with them and can get service wherever they go. But even before the age of cellphones, people liked having access to a telephone anywhere they went. This lamp probably hung in a hotel lobby to let visitors know there was a telephone available.

Question: My wife accumulated a collection of items at flea market sales. Most are matching cups, saucers and dessert plates made of pink Depression glass. Can you tell me if there is any current interest and value to items like this?


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