December 1, 2023

The Travelling Auctioneers sees people’s treasured family heirlooms brought back to their former glory and taken to auction. They all hope to make a profit that will go towards a heartwarming project or to make memories with their loved ones. Presenter Christina Trevanion was taken aback when she realised how “emotional” the show turned out to be.

The Travelling Auctioneers is led by Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip star Christina Trevanion and The Repair Shop’s Will Kirk.

They have been travelling up and down the country to help those wanting to make some money towards their cause, with Will in charge of the restoration work and Christina taking it to auction.

This is the first time either of the stars have gone on their own, away from their respected BBC One shows.

Christina opened up to about how The Travelling Auctioneers differed from her other projects and what the series has taught her.

She explained: “There are similarities with Antiques Road Show because obviously, we’ve got the vehicle, but when you’re doing it, you’re usually buying things from antique dealers and selling them at auction.

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“Whereas with The Travelling Auctioneers, we’re actually going into people’s homes and trying to unearth pieces for a particular cause, whether they want to raise funds to do a particular thing.

“And I think that’s one of the things Covid made people realise that we’re not here for a hugely long time and while we’re here, let’s make some memories.

“We’ve all been divided and isolated over the past couple of years and I think [it has made everyone think] that sense of ‘let’s come together as a family and actually make memories’, that’s what’s important.

“It’s not the material things we have around us that are just cluttering up drawers or under stairs, it’s about making memories and enjoying special times with family and friends together.”

Christina also touched on how she wasn’t as prepared for the emotional side of buying and selling, unlike her The Repair Shop co-star.

“I’m an absolute blubber, I blubber at Strictly and Bake Off, so I’m not very good at giving the stiff upper lip”, she said.

“It was very emotional and I think especially as the auctioneer, you do feel a weight of responsibility in that it’s your job to do the very best you can and achieve the best price for your sellers.

“Very emotional, some of the stories are incredibly moving. Will’s [Kirk] used to that, he’s done The Repair Shop, we don’t get a lot of that on Bargain Hunt.

“It was all new to me, I had to have many tissues stuffed in my top pocket for those times.”

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In the upcoming episode, Christina and Will are travelling to Leicestershire to help Helen and daughter Ruth declutter the home that belonged to the former’s parents.

The description reads: “Christina and Will have their work cut out sorting and mending generations’ worth of possessions piled high in this huge house.

“Christina has high expectations for some desirable mid-century furniture, while Will has the challenging task of mending, stripping and waxing a large sideboard – in less than a day!

“Will and Christina’s travelling house wheels into Stafford Castle.

“Will Helen and Ruth’s heirlooms find the new owners they deserve, and will the family achieve the clutter-free home they’ve been dreaming of?”


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