December 4, 2023

Bridgerton is about to be the talk of the town once again, with the release of its second second season tomorrow—and with this will likely come a resurgence of a particular aesthetic you may have seen gain momentum over the past year: It’s called Regencycore. So what exactly does that entail? Well, read on to catch up on the style du jour, just in time for more Bridgerton family drama and opulent decor to grace our screens once more.

What Is Regencycore?

Regencycore is a tendency decorate homes and/or dress in the style of early 1800s-era England. Basically, it’s how you would imagine the home and closet of a main character in a Jane Austen novel to look. Think gilded mirrors, fainting couches, floral porcelain, and patterned furniture galore. But, in a break from historical accuracy, today’s riff on the style veers bold, whimsical, and even fantastical (much like Bridgerton).

Why Is It Called Regencycore?

The Regencycore aeshetic is named after the Regency era, which took place in the U.K. from 1811 to 1820. During this time, Prince George IV was a regent, taking the throne in place of his father, King George III, who was ill.

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How Did Regencycore Become Popular?

“Antique furniture of the 18th century has made a lasting mark in design because of its perfect proportions and beauty, so it is no wonder that people are still looking for ways to incorporate antiques into more modern-day style and living,” opines Lisa Rickert, CEO and Creative Director of Jolie Home.

Plus, since the start of the pandemic, “many people have experienced a more casual work-from-home lifestyle, and Regencycore adds a much-needed sense of elegance to our everyday surroundings,” says Anastasia Casey of The Identitè Collective.

And while period-specific shows and films have certainly caused a renewed interest in the Regencycore aesthetic, Frankie Merante, the Vice President of Greenwich Auction, has found that its popularity is not solely attributed to media. “I also hear our bidders saying their interest in antiques comes from wanting to be green and reduce their carbon foot print while having pieces that tell a story.” Additionally, says Merante, “these antique pieces have a level of craftsmanship and use of materials that cannot be replicated today and younger buyers are beginning to appreciate that it seems.”

Of course, supply chain issues are also a contributing factor, as Merante’s customers often tell him “that the wait time for newly made and custom furniture is just so excessive that they started looking elsewhere and ended up buying at auction and estate sales.”

Where Can I Buy Regencycore Furnishings and Decor?

Antique shopping is likely the best way to find Regencycore pieces to live your best Bridgerton life —and you don’t even need to leave your house to do so! Looking to sites like 1stDibs and searching keywords like ‘regency’ is a sure-fire way to find countless gilded furnishings. And you can’t go wrong with other sites like Etsy, eBay, and even Facebook Marketplace.

How Do I Incorporate Regencycore Decor in a Modern Way?

Ultimately, it’s all in the details! You can incorporate a single Regency-era furnishing, and make the rest of the space more muted and simplistic. Or you can sprinkle in numerous Regencycore pieces in a way that’s truly Bridgerton-esque, while incorporating modern art or wallpaper.

Rickert finds that “Regencycore is all about bringing back a maximalist approach to opulent interiors, while maintaining a soft color pallet of light blues, greens, and creams,” so she recommends incorporating Jolie Home’s Blue Optimism on your walls, and Gesso White, Uptown Ecru, and Zen on furniture. And don’t forget to add textural layers to your home’s decor, including “soft florals, thin stripes, and damask patterns.”

As for Regencycore furniture, Merante has found that “some Regency and Georgian-era furniture can still have a rather contemporary look with clean lines, so select period pieces lend themselves to a more contemporary or traditional style of decorating.”

What Shows and Films Can I Turn to for More Regencycore Inspiration?

In addition to to the clear choice of Bridgerton, might we suggest perusing House Beautiful‘s own list of shows and films to watch for design inspiration here, which includes Downton Abbey and Pride & Prejudice?!

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